For a friend with an advancing degenerative condition

Coming to the end of a journey can be difficult.

During these moments, we are inclined to make decisions

that opens voids we feel needs to be filled.

Uncertainty pops up then  anxiety, and in some cases fear.

Scripture tell us that these conditions are the children of punishment,

the lack of knowledge and the  lack of  love.

But you ARE loved,

by Jesus, your family, your spiritual associates and by me.

My prayers for your heart

Remember your pools of love;

Rest in therm.

Each of us pray a quality of life in which you can prosper.

May Jesus continue to bless you in the way He deems the best.

Always for you.

A Loving Relationship Through A Biblical Solution

Two to Make One

Two to Make One

The Bible contains many stories about the relationship between the Jewish nation and God. In it, the Jewish nation is often depicted as the bride and God is depicted as the bridegroom. Their relationship had as many travails, not unlike your personal relationship. Click the link to explore a solution to build a relationship on love that is biblically  inspired.