Memories: Birth of a New Creation

To those who check this spot, I interpret your dilligence as a wish for my continued good health as well as  a hope that I have eventually said something of value.

Presently I am in a turbulent health environment   It has snatched from my unrelentless hold onto youth. I conceed.  My body cannot do what it once could. Thus I am constructing bunkers for future onsaults. Sideline about the timing of my stormsThey coincides with those widely spoken of in middle west United States.

This post chronicles events  May 2013 that have become treasured memories. They occurred before the onset of my turbulence.

The memories began  on a fifteen days crossing aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam. The ship departed Fort Lauderdale, FL  and I disembarked at Barcelona, Spain. Before reaching the destination, much drama passed. Click this link to read the details of the sea rescue.

The rescue was exciting. The cruisers gathered on her decks to witness.. When the first rescued was aboard, our humanitarian goose pimples spontaneously erupted into thunderous applauds.

A rescue on the high seas is something to witness. But for me, the skil it took to make this rescue successful was never overshadowed.

Picture an ‘oceangoing’ vessel on the high seas slowly but with much grace approaching a stranded 42-feet vessel. Coordinating the scales of these vessels on a constantly shifting sea that ended in successful rescue of stranded humans is what I believe we subsonciously recorded. Thereby triggering the spontaneous thunderous applauds to honor that skill to save lives. However exciting and memorable these events were not the reason for my trip .

The purpose of this trip was to see the church, la Sagrada Familia. It has been under construction for more than 100 years. Many reasons can be offered but in today’s let-do-it-quickly world that’s a long time to construct anything. The principle human character is Antoni Gaudi. His influence is massive! It invades a huge part of the city.

My hotel is in the Horta-Guinardo district. It was a leisurely 1/3 mile downhill stroll to Sagrada Familia.  Along my downward path, the spires of Sagrada were always in view.

In Neighborhood

Walk to Sagrada Familia

The neighborhood was busy: a relaxed busy.

Within one block

Within one block

It houses hospital complexes,

San Pau Hospital

Within one block

commercial and residential buildings.

Cafes, restuarants were inexpensive.

Speciality shops were everywhere.

Within one block of hotel: A water cascade

Within one block of hotel: A CANDY STORE

The people?  I experienced only friendliness, kindness and desire to be helpful. Now remember my background as we turn in another direction.

La Sagrada Familia is a church built of stone and knowledge but something beyond nature and man directs it. For me, it was a mathematical marvel unfolding before my eyes.

If students of calculus are able to visit the Sagrada Familia, I believe they would experience the same marvel, would desire to learn how it is being constructed and gain a deeper  appreciation for calculus, art and architecture, while witnessing the unfolding of this new creation. Further, they would  learn how la Sagrada Familia was conceived and  how basic mathematical models from their calculus classes are used to accomplish all of this.

La Sagrada Familia is a a new creation. It affirms that spirituality is an integral part of our being. It supports the value we place on art. It attests mathematics’ major role to man in the creation process and it makes clear the power of an economic stimulus in a waning economy.

Enjoy a few photos.

Is this how Gaudi sees himself: a slave to his call?

Is this how Gaudi sees himself?

How Gaudi sees himself?

The church’s exterior.

The entry is a marble slab honoring the Jerusalem pilgrimage.

Prigrimmage to Jerusalem

Prigrimage to Jerusalem

Inside the church: A shot from the rear of the church, looking upwards, a staircase: sanctuary right.

Sacramento Ballet Company Presents The Great Gatsby

February 10, 2013, the Sacramento Ballet Company presented the Great Gatsby  at its matinee performance. The performance educated, energized and delighted the audience.

Through dance the ballet company illustrated how the convergence of drama, intrigue and changing morals in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s third novel ended in senseless tragedy.

The famed author tells a story that show how youthful love, playful infatuation and moral restlessness within a wealthy society group can end in tragedy. The time is the rollicking jazz era of sex and alcohol  in the 1920’s.

The dancing was excellent.

The ballet company showcased the attitudes  and the mannerisms of the wealthy with  smooth foxy trots, class cohesion through group closed precision high kicking, their predatory prowling while avoiding to become prey and their hostility towards the less fortunate through tango-like movements; and finally their grace through smooth and exact swing techniques.

The music was superb.

The orchestra energized the auditorium  with Ragtime and Dixieland sounds.  A bossy tuba and a snappy snare drum metered the classic jazz beat of the period. Not to be out done, a jubilant clarinet raced the scales with sounds of joy.  All within me danced. Applauds and calls flowed from attendees to appreciate the joyful swing  music.  During other tunes, the clarinet called forth feeling of pain with sustained sounds that whined and stretched into a wail.

The performance began ten minutes late. Management announced the late start accommodated the many last minute ticket purchasers. The inconvenience was worth the wait. In the language of modern competitive sports, the Sacramento Balllet Company left it all on stage. The exuberance and chatter of the departing crowd suggested a bright future for this dance company ‘s future performances.

Home for the Holidays

Christmas is the time humanity unfurls to receive and to give. We open ourselves to music, laughter, kindness, love for others, social gatherings, good foods, and memories of past traditions.

Lucky are those who have a venue to enjoy these fruits of the holiday season. For others, this can be a stressful time.

In the Sacramento Valley we are blessed with an evolving tradition that provides a gathering to those who yearn the fruits of this season. Enjoyed with family, or friends, it’s truly electric and memorable.


Come and bathe in the friendliness of the crowd.

Experience love through music, song, dance and story.  You’ll leave with a new excitement for life and new memories.

This Evolving Event is the holiday performance of the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra, “Home for the Holidays“.  Held in the beautiful Mondavi Center of  the University of California Davis on Saturday, December 13 at 2 PM, “Home for the Holidays” will prepare you for  “the days of Christmas” and reintroduce you to the beauty of the arts in the Sacramento Valley.

Come Home for the Holidays.

Let’s Party New Orleans Style

Roulons les bons temps  “Let the good times roll” is the spirit of New Orleans. Laughter, festivity, fun, encouragement and learning from others oozes when the soul experiences a good times. Mardi Gras, by any reasoning, is a chaotic festival, yet it provides all of these attributes and while leaving  all who experiences it with dreams that are not satisfied by any other festival. Click the link and get the things that make a party, a Mardi Gras party! Add people, hospitality and have a grand ole New Orleans time!