Old Things Being Made New Again

My grandfather never set a foot in a schoolroom. But he had a knowledge of survival and living, that seem lacking today. He enjoyed 95 years of healthy living, even until death. Seldom did he consult physicians and he almost never took pills.  Harmony in body, soul and mind, he had them all. Good genes? Of course, but, working one’s good genes to maximum potential is more important.

He was a believer. He prayed, ate well and respected others. A quiet man, tall, sure of himself, confident of his place in the scheme of things, he journeyed through this world as a stranger preparing to return home. A word that describes a part of his person is laconic. At least, he seldom said very much to me. But I watched him out of the corners of my eyes and attempted to imitate his every move. This was quite a challenge. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall in statue and 18 feet tall in character.

Although soft spoken, his voice was authoritatively male. I remember his advice to me when I took my new bride on the 110-mile trip to a distance part of Louisiana to meet him. Extending his hand to her, he said, without taking his eye from her, “Learn your wife’s ways.” I cherish that advice because it was the last gift he gave to me.

His earliest gift to me, well the earliest one I remember, came when I visited him during the summer after completing third grade. It never departed me. He said, “You should eat all the colors.” Of course he was not talking about eating colors. He meant to maximize nutritional input, one should eat foods whose colors pan the rainbow. Yellow, purple, orange, red, white, brown, green, pink,  etc., I’m sure you get the idea.

I did not always followed that advice, but as a senior, it is my prime directive.

Interestingly, modern dieticians spout the same color advice. But they say it is backed by scientific evidence.

I wonder.

“How did this illiterate man discovered this rule of optimal nutrition?”

It seems that, things that once were, are now coming to be again with the authority of science.

In particular, foods that once were, are inching their way back to their rightful place.

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The Singing Revolution

The Free Estonia

The Free Estonia

The Singing Revolution is a 94- minute documentary directed by James Tusty. I found it to be engaging, as it dramatically flowed to its climax – victory; thought provoking, as it kindled the question, “What would coalesce the American people if under attack and weapons are not available?” and finally satisfying, as it verified my belief that the human spirit is man’s most valuable weapon in creating a world, and in marshalling self.

The movie is about the Baltic State Estonia. This tiny nation has a physical history of being bullied by neighboring larger states and a cultural history of regional singing festivals. Both dated back to the 13th century. More recently occupied by the Nazis then swallowed up by the USSR, Estonia longed for freedom.

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