Let’s Party New Orleans Style

Roulons les bons temps  “Let the good times roll” is the spirit of New Orleans. Laughter, festivity, fun, encouragement and learning from others oozes when the soul experiences a good times. Mardi Gras, by any reasoning, is a chaotic festival, yet it provides all of these attributes and while leaving  all who experiences it with dreams that are not satisfied by any other festival. Click the link and get the things that make a party, a Mardi Gras party! Add people, hospitality and have a grand ole New Orleans time!

A Loving Relationship Through A Biblical Solution

Two to Make One

Two to Make One

The Bible contains many stories about the relationship between the Jewish nation and God. In it, the Jewish nation is often depicted as the bride and God is depicted as the bridegroom. Their relationship had as many travails, not unlike your personal relationship. Click the link to explore a solution to build a relationship on love that is biblically  inspired.

Algebra in the 8th Grade: A Good Idea!

Algebra is an abstract subject.  It’s also a proven predictor of a successful college career.  Further, it grants problem solving skills to those who master its precepts.  Good problem solvers are the people we want to be our doctors, to make our laws, to defend our country and to discover new things to maintain our well being.

On July 9, 2008, California State Board of Education decided that all California’s eighth-graders must take Algebra I by 2011. This is a monumental change in graduation requirements. For it affirmed that some California citizens are not receiving a “good” education and  … click the link to continue reading